Entry #87 - Russia - 02.09.2010.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This card came to me from my special friend Vladimir and it is picture of Vojskovoj-Aleksandro-Nevski-Sabor. Sabor is usually name of main or biggest church in Eparchy in orthodox religion buildings hierarchy. Stamps Europa 2005 (8.00r), Moskovski kremlj (10r) and Kolomenskij kremlj (2.50) with nice round cancelation!

Thank you Vladimir!

Entry #86 - Shweiz

Monday, February 14, 2011

This beautiful letter came to me on 28.08.2010. from Hansjurg Oswald (Shweiz)
We are exchanging nice covers, for months and I am expecting another one soon :)

The gift that my 5000th pageview visitor have got is Env
elope with nice stamps of 100th anniversary of railway in Montenegro (which machine have been firstly driven by my grandfather's brother!!!) and the complete mint set of that series of stamps (6 different stamps of denomination 0.25Eur each). The lucky was Alexander Laschinsky so I am awaiting confirmation of arrival from him :)
This is how that envelope looks like:

The resolution is poor because of shooting it with my phone (scanner was off work) but I expect reaction soon enough :)


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