Lovely covers somewhere from France

Friday, April 27, 2018

Somewhere in February this year I've started to receive covers from France. I dunno the guy who sent me all those postcards and stamps but I am amazed that he have sent me 4 covers full of stuff. There were enormous number of mint postcards of Strasbourg, even some 3D cards, than stamps and numismatic coins from around the world. I don't know how did I ever deserved that amount of postcards, but I really adore literally everything you've sent to me Mr. Gilles Koch ;) Thank you very much I am very happy that you had thought of me ;) 

Here are some shots. 

Newest covers / stamps received in Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Hello again you haven't heard from me for quite a long time, so I think it is time for us to reconnect again and I am sharing my newest received covers with you ;) 

Today I've got my tour guide licence via mail by my dear colleague from Sveti Stefan ;) 

The next one I've received yesterday and it came from Serbia - unfortunately this sender haven't written down their address so I consider it a gift from anonymous friend which has sent me 2 more letters (but without stamps on cover so I wouldn't put them here) from which I will just show on the stamps. 

So here is the last and biggest letter with one stamp on cover

and here are stamps ;) 

This mini sheet is really excellent issue and I am amazed that a guy/girl from Serbia could attain such an issue for me. Completely mint and non CTO it's 200 years anniversary of statement of Simon Bolivar which you can see in right corner. Wonderful issue and thank you!

Here are also used stamps

and here are other 2 stamp sets I've received ;) 

Latest covers received on my new address in Herceg Novi

Monday, October 9, 2017

I've received some postcards from these places:


Than this next one came from Italy on really nice paper with golden strain over it - I am sorry it can't be seen via simple scan. 

And than as you can see this one came from Sri Lanka ;) they're really outdated according to my time of posting but I felt like posting them now. :) Thank you guyz

GRIM - NEOMEDJENI (full album)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sending out some letters and postcards

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hello to all of you,

I've been long time off these lands and the cause for that was totally financial. Now that I've got new job and finally working, now I am ready to send out some letters, and make new pen-pal friends ;)

One of them is Dominic Dias - for which I have prepared nice cover letter and sent it out from my town of birth - Bar. :)

After a while I've been working hard and I've got a request from new pen-pal friend in USA California, Larry E Pollock, and today I have sent him a Montenegrin Maxi Card of 125th anniversary of Concordat between Montenegro and Holly See :) 

Album as a gift :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello to all of you - I am totally out of order these days as I have so many stamps waiting in covers to be put in some album, and I don't have it.. I can't buy them in our post office as they're selling them exclusively and only WITH our stamps, and price goes up from 61 euros and so on.. if you have some album, even smallest size one ;) I would appreciate you to send.

Little good will is enough - my address is well known ;) Thank you!

#94 Turkey - 13.01.2012.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

This beautiful cover and all abundance of stamps I've received are an answer on how persistent an 
internet and pen palling relationship can be. Yusuf Ozden is one of most valuable persons
that I have on that very list.
So generous person, such a thrive in giving and yet so naturally and non-forced in it's nature.. 
Thank you very much Yusuf!

Entry #94 - Russia cover 04.01.2012.

Monday, January 14, 2013

I've got this wonderful cover and greeting card along with the mini sheet from Tolya Serafinas on 04.01.2012. 

Thank you very much Tolya!

Entry #93 - Russia cover 01.01.2012.

I've got this wonderful greeting from Stanislav Semkin in Samara Region - Russia on 01.01.2012.
so finally find a way to scan it and post it here!!! :)
I've got a wonderful cover and an interesting calender that reads all the days in last century, along with
a greeting card and a page holder for books :)

Thank you very much Stanislav!

15.09.2012.- Honduras

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I've received this letter with mini sheet and one stamp, with their LEMPIRA currency, and beautiful stamps on cover. Thank you Sonya Lee from Honduras!


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