Today received 2 covers from France!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Mr. Gilles is obviously very generous man and I appreciate every package I receive from him. So I've got 2 covers yesterday in my mailbox. One was sent on 20th of August and here are the pictures.

I am sorry if my pictures are bad - my battery was almost dead so I took pictures without the light behind the camera. If I get a chance I will scan them well.

Than other cover was a proof that he has received my letter with postcards of Montenegro and magnets which I've sent to him nearly a month ago. I know it because he used my back address, cut it out and put it on his cover so that he is sure my address was accurate. Maybe he wanted to show to me that he'd received my cover ;) here are pictures:

I am so grateful of these doubles I've received I could offer them now forward to my fellow penpals and philatelists ;) 

France is striking again ;)

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Just when I've thought there are a bunch of bills in my mail, I've got surprised by my penpal Gilles again ;) This time a small cover (it was about time) and 9 postcards in it ;) mostly the architecture and animated postcards but still.. I've got one maxi card too ;) that was new!!!

Thank you :) 

I've responded with few lovely postcards from Herceg Novi also 2 special postcards with additional magnets along with a cover with few Europa stamps ;) Hope you'd like it!

Again another parcel from France

Monday, July 16, 2018

Maybe I was too good in last year so I have a permanent secret Santa bombing me with presents ;) I've received a message via my Insta in which my postman have said to me that I have a package which have passed custom services in Podgorica, for which I need to give 4 Euros. And I was amazed because I knew that I haven't ordered nothing abroad - nor so heavy ;) When I got into post office today, I've got this parcel on picture

I was very eager to get to know what is inside as this parcel was huge and I had to finish all other errands trough town which required keeping it in my arms all the time. ;) So, when I finally got home I've discovered real treasure inside. I've got an almanac about province of Alsace in France, which is amazing and very well kept!

And I've found a treasure buried between these magnificent pictures shown in postcards, numismatic and wonderful set of CTO stamps with Star wars theme

I am really happy with this parcel and I feel like a philately princess that is spoiled by this generous man :) Thank you again my friend I hope I would respond the same manner soon. 

Another lovely package from France

Thursday, July 12, 2018

I am so excited to get a brand new cover from France - definitively I am blessed to have such a great penpal that sends me such a package!
This time a dozen of postcards and more stamps to come - all of them CTO - they seem to be a little bit different regarding to a quality of printed stamps but I believe they're real. I mean you can't put a post stamp seal on stamp that seams fake? I've never received these kind of stamps so I am very surprised.

Let pictures speak for myself ;)

So here are stamps that seam to me a little bit odd ;)

And here are postcards with theme of Mountains, Strasbourg folklore, EU parliament and birds ;) Mint of course

And here is the beautiful cover although my surname is still Tadić ;) I really adore this man ;) my postman have been doubting weather to give these letters to me because of K on the end of my surname but I've convinced him that those are really for me ;) 

Just got the lovely package from France

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Hello again,

I've checked my mailbox today and just noticed the new package I've received from Mr. Gilles Koch from France. This gentleman is sending me packages for months now and I don't know how have I deserved such a great parcels which amuse me every time I receive them. Here are the pictures that speak the most ;)

Lovely covers somewhere from France

Friday, April 27, 2018

Somewhere in February this year I've started to receive covers from France. I dunno the guy who sent me all those postcards and stamps but I am amazed that he have sent me 4 covers full of stuff. There were enormous number of mint postcards of Strasbourg, even some 3D cards, than stamps and numismatic coins from around the world. I don't know how did I ever deserved that amount of postcards, but I really adore literally everything you've sent to me Mr. Gilles Koch ;) Thank you very much I am very happy that you had thought of me ;) 

Here are some shots. 


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