02.06.2010. - Entry #64 - Spain

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ola Espana!!!

I am so glad that I am making fans all the way to
unknown visitors of my blog, all of you that are touched with my
approach to these marvelous covers and postcards, I am so thankful on your mails!

I feel so nice when I receive a letter from a fan and today
I've received it from Beatriz Redondo from Spain. She have sent a
beautiful postcard of Islas Cias and a long nice-handwritten
letter that describes her experiences. I am so touched with her
letter that I was smiling and taking more breath at the same time :)

I was traveling down the path of her life and I am so happy for your achievements Beatriz!
Bien venida nel mi colezion di pen-palls :)
Muchos grazias!


Beatriz said...

What a surprise to find my mail here! It really feels strange to read my name, but I am really glad everything arrived safely and you liked everything! Hope we stay in touch!
All the best!

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