Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello, how are you doing people?!
Mailboxes full?
Searching for stamps?
Searching for pen pals?
I am searching stamps from Kosovo, Albania, Slovenia, Srpska Republika.. for they are my neighbour countries, and I've seen some Kosovian stamps (huge denominations like 2.00 Euros!).
Yeah Kosovo, like Montenegro, has Euro currency and nobody could explain how come? :)
We have good diplomatic core you could say :)

This special postcard came to me from Josip (Croatia) - excellent view on one of most
popular sightviews of Varazdin ;)
Thank you Josip!


Marina said...

Lijepi VaraĹždin! :)

GotThatSwing said...

Really lovely postcard! :)

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