Entry #73 Malaysia - 28.06.2010.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And just as I've thought that you can't get two different packages from the same man in one day,
I've realized that I was wrong :)

This time it took my breath of non-dreaming that I could get a mint FDC of Malaysian festivals
from 2006. and 3 mint stamps that go with it ;) all along with 3 non used postcards.. well..
I am a little bit ashamed with all of this attention dear friend :)

I hope my response will be at least dignified :)

Thank you for being here!
Thank you for delivering 4000 visitors in non-a-year time
(reminding you that this blog was created in November 2009.)
and I am so happy to have you all around.

I'll try to make this blog even more interesting for you as I know that you deserve it!

Entry #72 Malaysia - 28.06.2010.

Projek Satu Dunia

This project managers are never gonna surprise me enough - a postcard of Malaysia annual festivals with different markers in peoples difference, mixed all together in
traditional dance is phenomenal!

Yes I do agree that this is really nice way to put people all together, as traditions
are almost similar - difference is in numbers of subjects and names ;)

Still traditional values and old house-comporting skills will always make people
more human and respectable!

Thank you !

Entry #71 Chile - 28.05.2010.

Hernan is such a great friend
and he knows how the summer party is going on..
You ought to send surprises like postcards that should come in a few days of distance
and this one was really very fast :)

Just in a difference that it's stamps are post marked and not almost mint like on desert's postcard,
but still attractive :)

Thank you Hernan!

Enrty #70 Malaysia - 28.06.2010.

Here it is the famous and expected
postcard of Malacca place in Malaysia ;) This one represents Melaka riverside which
is quite similar to our river Boyana's riverside except it is wider, as Skadar lake is going out trough Bojana river into the Adriatic sea.

Thank you very much Chuaul79 :)
A response is on it's way soon

Entry #69 Chile - 25.06.2010.

What a nice way of looking on a desert - and not being there!!! :)
Hello again, yeah I am late for a few days but in all this fuss of chasing new issues of stamps,
I've been so busy to put these new issues that have come to stay :)

Beautiful view Hernan - Really I enjoy it!!!
Thank you

Entry #68 15.06.2010. - Italy

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yeah it's a third in a row!!!

Have I got a fan in post office? :)
Maybe my post officer is collecting my envelopes and deliver them all together
in a row, or mail sent to me is somehow connected within minds of senders.. :)
Ok I don't want to make a Twilight zone of my deliveries
but I know that my professor always have another lesson for me :)

This time it is a postcard of Cima Grappa mt.1778 the famous 'rest-place' of rich people (I've
heard a first time for it, I guess I ain't that much rich :) with beautiful stamp of 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and Bulgaria :) ( I hope I've spelled this nice)

Thanks again my dear professor Danilo!

Entry #67 15.06.2010. - Macedonia

At last Macedonian cover have reached my mailbox safe and in good condition!

I am still awaiting one previously sent but I don't know why all Ex-Yugoslav post offices (except Croatian) have that lack of 'saving the travel-time' problem?
Some of Serbian covers never reached me - even my post office have lost one cover that have traveled from me to second town on northwest side of country.

I hope that will change and that I'll enjoy safely sent and received letters :)

Thank you Ana :)

Entry #66 15.06.2010 - Italy

Another surprise from my dear professor :)

Nice sight of Chiesa di Padova (Church in Padova) - all of those walls and architecture is more than breathtaking vision of man's mind ;)

Thank you Danilo!

02.06.2010. - Entry #65 - Portugal

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello to Portugal!

As I don't speak Portuguese I'll say Zdravo Pedro! Finally your prayers have been heard and the letter is here! It have reached me in nice condition and I hope that I've get a response from my post office - officers about your request. The problem with our post is that they don't have the same amount of specific stamps in every expository that exists in one municipality, so I have to run over and over again trough them and hope that I could find what my partners are looking for.. I hope I'll get on tail of that issue soon and acquire specified stamps for you :)

In meantime we could exchange some nice covers :)
Thank you very much!

02.06.2010. - Entry #64 - Spain

Ola Espana!!!

I am so glad that I am making fans all the way to
unknown visitors of my blog, all of you that are touched with my
approach to these marvelous covers and postcards, I am so thankful on your mails!

I feel so nice when I receive a letter from a fan and today
I've received it from Beatriz Redondo from Spain. She have sent a
beautiful postcard of Islas Cias and a long nice-handwritten
letter that describes her experiences. I am so touched with her
letter that I was smiling and taking more breath at the same time :)

I was traveling down the path of her life and I am so happy for your achievements Beatriz!
Bien venida nel mi colezion di pen-palls :)
Muchos grazias!

01. June 2010 - Entry #63 - Malaysia

Hello to Projek Satu Dunia again!
Hello to One world project!!!

A beautiful postcard sent on 25.04.2010. came to me on 1st of June from Malaysia and it is a Putrajaya place that houses all the government staff :) Yeah I'll try to consider it as a place for visit if I come in your country.

It is such an experience to see a postcard like this !!! :)

Thank you!!!


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