Respect to year that is passing by

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is the cover I've got today from Malaysia as a answer on cover that I have send to Siew Lan Kow - Thank you very much for your wonderful letter!!! :)

This one I've got from Ahmed Abbas in Nigeria :) it's his place of living!

This one is handmade from my postcrosser friend Jenn Koch and I am going to send one to her soon :) - Thank you Jenn :)

This one came from my friend in Montenegro :) a nice touch!

Thank you Silvia
(This one came with my letter of exchange stamps that have traveled the world from Montenegro - > Srilanka - > England - > Netherlands - > U.K. - > Jordan and than came to me again - 18.09.09 til 30.12.09. the trip lasted long and my baby chain came along!!!)
Thanks to Chain Stamp Exchange Group!

Yeah it was a good year.. any of us have learned from good and bad things, we've met good and bad people - and every piece of our experience was a bit of our life's picture that is much bigger than our perspective is..

and I hope you will seize it :)

If not this, than in next year that is promising twenty hundred and ten desires to become true :)
Careful with your wishes as they really could become true!

Happy new 2010. year to all!!!

Bang, bang bang..

New - postcrosser's card

Friday, December 25, 2009

I believe the completeness of this year of 2009. is rounded with one of my new postcrosser's friend from China - Thank you Hangtung I really like your card :)

And Merry Merry Xmass to all of my friends :) all future pals and collectors from ME!!!

A new members in collection

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Of peoples affection :)

Yeah!!! This Year is almost gone, and what have we done?
Is that an end of our hope to make it better than 2008. ? :) No it isn't there are still few days til the end and my friends, Rohan (the red letter) and Rupendra have decided to change it to the last, making my face smile upon their best wishes in letters :)

Thank you people!!! You are thoughtful and very nice - I hope next year will treat you good !!! :)

Merry Merry Christmas to all of you peopleeee :)

New cards from Italy and Indonesia

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hello again!!!

Two new members of my collection have came today - I mean yesterday :)
Nice view from Val Canali came from Danilo Basso - grazie tante professore :) ma che bel francobollo di Pavarotti l'adoro :)

And there is a nice card from Egypt, the Temple of Hathor's from my new friend Katherine Andini with a very nice greeting stamp with a flower :)
Thank you very much you've made my day :)

And my mailbox is hungry - let's make it full !
Grrrrrrrr! :)

A guest came today to stay

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

With warm wishes for happy holy days - letter from Danilo have come to me - thank you very much Danilo, I wish nice evenings to you and your family too :)

Hope the next year would have so much sunny days :) and that there will be someone to lead the countries :)

Say 'NO!' to piggy or goat flu, have a nice and healthy life :)

Beh si, buone feste a tutti :)

New envelopes expect collectors!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I've made some new Envelopes, and called them 'Keep it simple collection' I hope you'd like them as they're going to travel where ever you want them to - you could simply order them or trade for them, or even make them travel to one-way ticket destination - to YOU!

I love to make them unique as every and each one of you is unique :) Please enter on my fb account (which you could find in older posts) or send me a message, leave your comment and this one or some look-a-like could be yours :)

Let's make Earth post-crossing into moving :)

Soon there will be very pleasant news for you.. ah.. I can't wait to tell you.. to make you see my idea!!!

But.. next time.. keep this blog near your eyes :) and hushhh...

I've sent letters

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

To Siew Lan Kow in Malaysia
(that is envelope no.7 in first trade collection, handmade painted by me)

To Rupendra Pal Singh in India
(that is the envelope no.5 in first trade collection, also handmade painted by me)

and to Tomislav Dolar in Croatia
(this one is made 'ad hoc' by me for a friend in Croatia)
Tomi say 'Hi!' :)

Hope to receive some more from you guys !!! :)
Thank you and happy mailing!!!

Hello to all again

Friday, December 4, 2009

Today I've received a nice cover from my friend from Croatia - I adore locomotives and it is very interesting that Croatian post have made set of those in this year :) like Montenegrin did.. :) Even if our post have celebrated 100 years of railway. The link on this picture is referring to my stamp group I am in - it is nice to start from a group - you'll never know who could you meet :)
It is never to late to send your covers! Please contact me on FB acc. :)

Thank you Tomislav, I am looking forward to send you a nice 'reply' on this cover :)

A warm and nice greetings from Montenegro!
Pozdrav :)

Another chain came to me!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Another chain letter from members of Chain Stamp Exchange Group came to me today, and I am thrilled!!!
50 stamps to take a good glance and 2 beautiful postcards (non-used) of city of Ankara (Turkey) and Anatolian Civilization Museum insight came as a present.. a new window in peoples birth places or nice landscapes.
It is good to travel though you could also travel trough someones eyes too :)

Happy exchange people!!!
Thank you Ani and Umut :)

If you want to participate, it is never too late! Come, join and be surprised as we are an giving comunity :)

Chain Stamp Exchange group

It's a beautiful November day!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today, I've decided to make an postcard of my own, as I am also into photography, I make some arrangements and prepare them for photo shop printing.. make a photograph and I've thought 'Well, that would be a nice postcard of my own to start with!"

So here it is!!!

With colors of sunny afternoon and little arrangement of my own, put on the table where my family have launch - I believe it is quite welcoming!

This one travels to Indonesia to my friend Katherine :) and soon I expect to receive your handmade things.. it is so thrilling to give creation.. :)

I look forward to hearing from you guys :)

Hello to all of you

Monday, November 23, 2009

I just wanted to say that it is time to make some movement in my philatelic ways of being here :)
As you probably don't know (and I shall tell you) I am a member of most philatelic or post-crossing groups on Facebook, I'll name them latter, and I swap trough nice covers, stamps and postcards.

It is also the better thing that - I have talent to create greeting cards of mine and soon I'll show them to you!!!
Please, come and visit my FB account, see the letters I am sending or receiving, add me for friend and lets start swapping.

I am interested in all kinds of swapping, but more of all I am looking for stamps, more and more stamps (as they are my priority) AND PLEASE, NO SCAM IS ALLOWED, as I am an honest person, you can gain something but LOOSE MORE!

Thank you for coming, and I look forward to make friends with you guys :)


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