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Friday, April 23, 2010

Ok people, it was time to respond to some of you, sorry for my delay :) I was eagerly waiting for some fresh stamps to come and there they are, The point is that there are stamps left over years on sale, just because touristic season and peoples interest in sending letters doesn't reach the quantity of stamps that were issued for years?

As young state - stated in 2006. that has some stamps from that time on sale - it is quite concerning information to our postal service, and now they're actually doing something on promoting philately :) Good for them :)
It means sometimes more rush for me :) Cause if I can't find required stamp in one post office, I have to browse few more in town to see if there are any left overs :)
So, letters are telling on top of that, where they were sent :)

Thank you guys!


Eric from Jura said...

thank you so much Marija :-)
Greetings from France !

The_Age_of_Love said...

I hope we'll soon exchange more :))) See ya Eric!

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