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Saturday, May 29, 2010

..the month of May 2010.
So here it is a wonderful letter from Jean-Philippe
that contains 50 nice used stamps,
all in good condition, especially charming as it contains stamps
from Chad and Mozambique (which I've never had before)
and nice rounded French stamps as long as
a stamp in shape of heart that I see for the first time!

I am so pleased with this package my dear friend, I hope that you'll like my response!
Thank you!!!

And yeah these 2 pages of album that you're looking at,
were handmaded by me :) Adore to give extra
effort to make things happen :) can't find
a place to buy a stamp-album here.. :)

Entry #62 - Malaysia 4th in a row today!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello from Projek Satu Dunia!
(One World Project)

Finally their nice postcard of ANTIQUE SHOP in place called Malacca (under cover of UNESCO) came to me :) Malacca was invaded by Portugese in 1511. later by the Dutch and the British until the independence in 1957.

Thank you for such a useful information about this place and it is nice
to have you in my collection guys!

Can't wait for second one!
See ya in mailbox Shurbani Talib :)


Have to remind you - there is end of this month soon :) We'll see which country is winning the number of sent letters :)

Entry #61 - Croatia

Zdravo Josipe!

Hello to Croatia!
I haven't thought that my blog creates fans all over the world :)
So here is a card from Croatian Slatina (my father have told to me that Serbia has also a Slatina place) but he have forgot that Croatia has also that :)
So words go like this:
"Hi Maria, Congratulations on your excellent blog that is often and gladly visited by me!
Warm regards from Slavonia!"

Thank you Josip, you've surprised me and made my day!

Entry #60 - Italy

Here is my dear professor from Italy - Danilo :)
Such a good friend to talk to, very supportive and kind person. He may be little bit strong
(but haven't we all had a strong professors?) but always glad to show more Italian
landscapes to me :)

Thank you Danilo!

Entry #59 in my received letters book

I've got a warm Hello from cold Chile :)
As news flash reporter Hernan says, there is gonna be a hell of coldness :)
So stay calm and get your sweaters on if you're going to Chile - it's a chilly-villy situation :)

I am so glad to see your name in my mailbox again, the landscapes of Puerto Varas are wonderful and as concerning stamps my friend you have sent me some countries that I haven't had in my collection before.. Adore to have found such a pen pall like you!

12. May 2010. #3

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And here is my dearest friend Rajko from Montenegro.
As some of our friends on Facebook know, Rajko have gone on his excursion trip trough countries, and while he was passing trough Italy, he's decided to send me this map postcard of place
called Lido di Jesolo, which is on northern part of Italy.. ;)

Hvala Rajko :) I'll always remember you !!!
Rajko is wonderful post-crosser and you could find him on

12. May 2010. #2



Also, today I've got a wonderful sight-scene postcard of Santiago, Chile!
My friend Hernan have sent me this wonderful postcard and he have got mine just a day ago :)
Yeah - someone have said that thoughts are traveling fast - so here we are!

Thank you Hernan, can't wait to recieve another one! :)
Montenegro is waiting for letters from all over the world!!! :)

12. May 2010. #1

New cover from Brazil came today to me!
It's a cover with roses m/s and someone have known that I adore roses.. Rose wasn't made
the queen of flowers for no reason..

Also adore scented stamps and hope to get some soon!

Thank you very much Ricardo!

11.May 2010.

Here I am again - this May is really flourishing within my mailbox :) This special cover and 8 sets of mint stamps came from my friend Wang Jia Yi (P.R.China) and I am really delighted with it!

I hope that I'll gather together first sets of stamps for you dear Wang :) I'll give a feedback as soon as I send a response :)

Thank you!

Today 2 in a row!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello again - it's a lovely day and two guests came to stay with me!
From India there have been days since last letter but as a member of Joint-Issue stamp chain on Facebook, I've got a letter with 4 variety of Joint-issue mint m/s and some 'stand-alone' mint stamps of India.
Hereby are those (below letter) which I've exchanged as I don't have in my collection any Joint-issue from Montenegro and there is one of which I know about..

Thank you Khrist Sur on your trust!

And again Russia is here with me - a second letter from Tolya came today and I was nice surprised by souvenir sheets of 150th anniversary of New Hermitage and History of the Russian State (which is high above - first picture). Stamp issues are from year of 2002 and they look very nice, mint and in excellent condition. Thank you very much Tolya!!!

A few glances on my beautiful country from my Canon A460 Powershot!

Monday, May 3, 2010

It is time to see an slide of pictures that show the beauty of my country :) I adore photography, so hereby I say that I don't allow taking off my pictures, as they're all announced on worlds famous photography sites so watch out! Only I could be good to turn them into a postcard for you :) so, let's go on tour! Ready? Go!

This is the picture of our famous Skadar Lake - which is essential nest for very rare European species of birds - so birdwatching is allowed and most of all birds are watching you! :)
And this is how lake is looking like when Mother nature is angry :)

This picture above is the look on rainbow, from my grandmothers house yard - my mom was born in this place long time ago, and it gives great look over our city.

This picture shows 2 biggest mountains, Rumija(upper left) and Lisinj below snow in April last year :) The view below are terrains where many sport-people are attending in order to improve their condition and skills :) We are touristic but also sport related place. Behind those pines, is big sport hale that have been finished this year :)

This picture represents remaining of a place called Swatch or Shasi on Albanian language. That place have had 365 churches (as days in a year) but this one have only remained. It is made in Byzantine time and it is the most outstanding relic from that time. The place is about 40km away from center of Bar and you have to take old route-road for Ulcinj to get there.

I've took this picture on beach Ploche that is around 7 km away from our touristic town Budva.

I adore field flowers of Crmnica - the place where our people produce most strong black wine..

Believe it or not - this two pictures were shot in 5 minutes difference - first was shot towards Rumija, and other towards the beautiful Adriatic sea :)

This one was shot from a cliff that holds west winds from making a hell of Sutomore, a small and one of the cheapest touristic place on Montenegrin coast :) I've worked as a post officer there in 2008. (7 km from my place of living - Bar)

Again snow on Lisinj and terrains in front of picture :) we have it all - summer swimming and snow skiing :)

Again details from Crmnica, this is an old-way built wall that supports a house and the fig tree have found a way to live trough those stones.. but couldn't fight the laws of Mother Nature :)

This is a kindergarten contest in mask-ball :) I was really delighted with catching this couple :)

Old house in Crmnica, look all those mountains above, really our country us full of mountains that are standing as titans in the night - Monte Negro on italian means Mountain Black :) or place of black mountains, as you see it feels better on sunlight :)

More field flowers - thank you Nature!

This is my town's marina. During the 90-ties it was pretty empty, but now it is full of ships and yachts of mostly Russian people that came to live here.

And here is a sunset looking from promenade - marina and last hello from that day :)
I hope that you've enjoyed this tour - as I am planning to put more pictures soon :)
Till than - I wish to you all - many nice exchanges and more friends over the Globe!
Pozdrav iz Crne Gore!!!


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