Entry #81 Russia - 13.08.2010.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello again from Russia!

This particolar letter (the heviest cover I've got in last year) have come to me
from Tolya Serafinas, wonderful pen pall that I've met on www.interpals.net. It have traveled
from 29.07.2010 - 13.08.2010. to get me, and I've got two clock mini sheets (one separately in special cover and one along with FDC
on same theme with special seal on that un-used cover).

Sometimes it makes me so sad, that my post office doesn't have those kind of 'stamp-packages' as other posts do.. Still I believe they will bring out some class in that field.
And again, happiness isn't happiness if you don't feel a little bit sadness ;)

Thank you very much Tolya!


SandbookNet said...

Great blog! I love it! Do you want to write an article about your blog and postcards for our magazine/website? Just wondering if you are open to such ideas. The site is www.sandbook.net. :)

Colgi said...

Merry Christmas from Milan, Italy !!!

Master said...

Hi! You have a wonderful blog.
Visit mine to see the beautiful stamps, FDCs, coins, post cards, etc at Lovely Stamp Blog.
Would love to swap too?

syeds said...

where did you get this theme.. very cute.

Cover Letters

The_Age_of_Love said...

I've found it on myspace blog templates I believe.. you just need to google it out :)

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