Respect to year that is passing by

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is the cover I've got today from Malaysia as a answer on cover that I have send to Siew Lan Kow - Thank you very much for your wonderful letter!!! :)

This one I've got from Ahmed Abbas in Nigeria :) it's his place of living!

This one is handmade from my postcrosser friend Jenn Koch and I am going to send one to her soon :) - Thank you Jenn :)

This one came from my friend in Montenegro :) a nice touch!

Thank you Silvia
(This one came with my letter of exchange stamps that have traveled the world from Montenegro - > Srilanka - > England - > Netherlands - > U.K. - > Jordan and than came to me again - 18.09.09 til 30.12.09. the trip lasted long and my baby chain came along!!!)
Thanks to Chain Stamp Exchange Group!

Yeah it was a good year.. any of us have learned from good and bad things, we've met good and bad people - and every piece of our experience was a bit of our life's picture that is much bigger than our perspective is..

and I hope you will seize it :)

If not this, than in next year that is promising twenty hundred and ten desires to become true :)
Careful with your wishes as they really could become true!

Happy new 2010. year to all!!!

Bang, bang bang..


BrainyM said...

I like these stamps and postcards a lot. They depict a long history without saying a word!

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