New envelopes expect collectors!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I've made some new Envelopes, and called them 'Keep it simple collection' I hope you'd like them as they're going to travel where ever you want them to - you could simply order them or trade for them, or even make them travel to one-way ticket destination - to YOU!

I love to make them unique as every and each one of you is unique :) Please enter on my fb account (which you could find in older posts) or send me a message, leave your comment and this one or some look-a-like could be yours :)

Let's make Earth post-crossing into moving :)

Soon there will be very pleasant news for you.. ah.. I can't wait to tell you.. to make you see my idea!!!

But.. next time.. keep this blog near your eyes :) and hushhh...


The_Age_of_Love said...

The bear letter is now booked for Penny Sari - Indonesia :)

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