Today 5 in a row!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yipiii yeee!!!

Today I've got 2 chain exchange letters with all together 150 stamps to exchange.. so nice stamps from every ages, it is nice to know that you could find also old mint nice stamps - never know where an enclosed gift is hidden :)

So here are the chain #12 and chain #31 :)
Thank you Jorge Sirgo and Aniruddha Chatterjee ;)

And here are a few more, the unused card from Ahmed Abass (Nigeria) in nice cover :)

And also I've got first 25 stamps from Maxime Maurice (France) :) Thank you max - I am responding soon :)
And here is also a nice letter from my friend in Novi Pazar :) Bojan Milovic with his Archeological expedition that have found fossil remaining of sea-shelves near his city :)


CESAR said...

very nice covers and stamps: I need a cover from Montenegro, can you help me with this.
just write to:
to make an agreement.

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