Entry #76 Italy - Alfa Romeo 2 mint stamps

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This is a part of my exchange with Matteo from Italy!

I am so glad that I could have a chance to get this beautiful set of 2 Alfa Romeo stamps
made in Italy :) We've exchanged these for Montenegrin Fifa 2010 stamp that costs 1,50 Euros.

The stamp that was sent to Matteo could be seen on next link:
Fifa 2010 Montenegro stamp

If you have seen something on my blog or have a request to exchange some stamps with me, you could do it whenever you feel to :)
I don't have too much resources to come to everyone's demand but I keep up the track of what people want ;)

Thank you for tracking this blog down!
You'll be pleased more and more in advance ;)


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