Entry #79 Georgia - 04.08.2010.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hello to all again!

I've been very busy this month like every year, most of changes in my life occur on August..
Sometimes, on the end of hot summer I collect my impressions and see
how to live trough winter..
Winter in Montenegro, for coastal cities is a period of stagnation, of hibernation and plannings
how to exploit next summer the best..
As main course of Montenegrin Economy relies mostly on tourism, that is a tough
planning all the way trough.. still building the reputation of good touristic destination ;)

Now my letters, I want to thank to all of you that are sending me postcards and letters,
I hope that you are all fine, that puppies and families are fine and if you
have tough period in time I understand, we have it all.
My letters are in little delays, but I'll never leave any of my correspondence partners
left without answer.. thanks God I've got some job to put me out, so that
I could accomplish what I've planned to do..

Right now I am designing some envelopes, and making gifts for my special friends
all of you that come every day to see 5000th visitor - who would that be? :)

Till than, I give you notice about my special friend Khatuna from Georgia that have
sent to me this beautiful letter with 'almost' a serie of stamps from 1992 ;)

Thank you Khatuna!


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