Saying hello to Macedonia and Russia

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today I was really inspired by collection of cards that my dear friend Ana R. has, and I am more than willing to find another cards that she doesn't have in her collection - in order to send them to her. Fortunately, our main post has that beautiful 'all explaining' cards with map of
our country so soon I'll try to surprise her :)

And also the cards of Kotor that I've retrieved on my trip there are nor less beautiful, thanks to photo Parteli that have entered in that business of making nice cards with landscapes of Boka bay :)

So this one have gone to Vladimir G. in Russia - Zdravstvuy Vladjimir! :)
Hope to hear from you soon!

My postcard

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I adore photography and soon I'll make some pictures in photo-shop so that I could send them as postcards within strong paper added behind :)

I've already done that with sending the post card of that kind to my friend Katherine in U.S.A. - hope that you'd love this sunset that I've took picture of last summer :)

Good afternoon :) and Ola!

For all today, I have a beautiful view on place in Boka Bay that was recently
visited by Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie. Among all of us - unknown artists, this place
is especially famous as a painting or photography challenge for years..

There are perspectives that should be seen there, also as emotions it gives to men surrounded by all those mountains in night.. The Mother nature have been very generous to our land and there are beautiful views as long as there are healthy springs of fresh water..

If you haven't ever seen it, you ought to find time to take a peak on this treasure of Balkan peninsula, in meanwhile, this card is sent in Chile to my new friend Hernan :)

Grazias muchos amigo per aber my selectionado per tu pen-pal :)

Montenegro post card

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This one is preserved for TJ & Alia - my new friends - I appreciate their project one world and I really can't wait to see this card on their blog :)

Say Hello to Montenegro! :)

Some - non presented received leters

From Anubhav Jain - India, second cover of exchange :) very nice stamps and thoughts :) Received on 18. December 2009.

From Milos Leng a very nice cover with m/s or souvenir sheet (can't tell) received on 15. February 2010.

Letters sending today

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ok people, it was time to respond to some of you, sorry for my delay :) I was eagerly waiting for some fresh stamps to come and there they are, The point is that there are stamps left over years on sale, just because touristic season and peoples interest in sending letters doesn't reach the quantity of stamps that were issued for years?

As young state - stated in 2006. that has some stamps from that time on sale - it is quite concerning information to our postal service, and now they're actually doing something on promoting philately :) Good for them :)
It means sometimes more rush for me :) Cause if I can't find required stamp in one post office, I have to browse few more in town to see if there are any left overs :)
So, letters are telling on top of that, where they were sent :)

Thank you guys!

Check out your mail-box!

Hello again,

The day could still be saved, but mine have just begun.. after a while I've seen mail-man on my gate and run out to see letter and this one was well trained for hide and seek - could you believe I haven't seen it by peaking trough little windows in box ?! :)

Than after coming back from grocery store - I've seen a corner slightly peaking and smiling at me ;) I've forgiven to it's little play and Czech Republic is again here !!!

Hello Jan Strnad - it's a pretty cover and nice stamps also, so expect very soon an hello from Montenegro

Another exchange from India

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today I've received nice cover from India - from my good friend Anubhav. We've exchanged some MS and doubles and I am very pleased with the exchange, good shape and especially ms that represents horses of India :)

Thank you Anubhav..

A voice from Wienna

Saturday, April 10, 2010

There is very nice lady that have been married to my first neighbor.. even if she is miles apart, she always remembers us and nice times we've been spending together.. Where ever you are dear Buba, I hope that you are happy and that your cards will always find us in good health :)


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