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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For all today, I have a beautiful view on place in Boka Bay that was recently
visited by Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie. Among all of us - unknown artists, this place
is especially famous as a painting or photography challenge for years..

There are perspectives that should be seen there, also as emotions it gives to men surrounded by all those mountains in night.. The Mother nature have been very generous to our land and there are beautiful views as long as there are healthy springs of fresh water..

If you haven't ever seen it, you ought to find time to take a peak on this treasure of Balkan peninsula, in meanwhile, this card is sent in Chile to my new friend Hernan :)

Grazias muchos amigo per aber my selectionado per tu pen-pal :)


Andrés Leiva said...

It's me who has to thank you, my Dear Montenegrin Friend, for giving me the opportunity to learn and get impressed by your country through your eyes, words and friendship. This postcard is beautiful and I can't wait to receive it!

Greetings from Santiago de Chile!

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