Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello again, 

I was looking around all of my nice letters I've got trough months and want to share their look with you again.. 
Hope that your mailboxes are getting fuller from day to day.. 
dig deeper, maybe you'll find mine too ;) 

Let me know about my blog, share with me your news and comments about your packages!!!
Thank you very much! 
So, let's exchange again!!!

This is the chain #65, so I like it very much
This is reversed chain #65b from Hai Huang China, nice stamps!!!
This is a nice cover from Turkey from Baris Yakar
Than the most amazing cover from France, by Eric Contesse
And this one is something new.. about which I will have longer talk ;) Archeopterix came into my mailbox 2 weeks ago ;) 


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