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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello everybody!

100 years no see of my words here, neither letters, I know that you are probably mad or annoyed from my side and thinking that I am neglecting your philatelic needs for busting it with EXOTIC stamps of Montenegro, but have a patience, it is all written here, I will respond to each one of you when I get the chance. 

Wordcast on television (I mean the famous news on every channel) that try to give us some info about happenings - are really trying to threaten us with sentences like - it was a harsh summer, the winter can be worse than ever! - SO WHAT?! Haven't we survived big plagues, wars and crashes in relationships already? :) I think that we're gonna beat up the record in this millennium ;) In that name I've added several new blogs in my list:

than a blog for life advices
and you all need to download wallpapers don't you? -  ;)

I hope that I will see you there too ;) 
Kisses till next post!


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