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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello again,

Yesterday I've got a very nice letter from France - very nice post seals Philatelie Lyon Bellecour with three nice stamps from the region of Picardie - very nice thought of you my dear new friend Eric :)

Unfortunately our post haven't used special kind of seals yet, but I believe it could soon be arranged with them - so that I could send you one and maybe a first of a kind from Montenegro :)

Please check out the blog of Eric's that is found at this address

Thank you very much Eric!


Eric from Jura said...

Hi Marija !
Happy to know you've appreciated my cover from France :-)
I really like the artistic way you're using to publish the covers on your blog !!! so nice and original !!
Greetings from Lyon, France !

PS : I've visited Montenegro in 2006 and it was a great moment for me !!

The_Age_of_Love said...

Thank you dear Eric - I love to represent them like that - mostly :) I adore your blog and information that it gives to us!

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