Sorry for being late - here are new covers and stamps in my collection

Saturday, February 20, 2010

First of all I want to thank to all people who have trust in me - who are sending such a nice letters, following this blog and supporting me..

Please for all of you that are in need of some particular stamps or covers, I could really recommend a nice site that is shown from left side - the banner about CSE - that is a nice place where people are exchanging literally everything that counts in philately way of speaking. See you there! :)

Here I represent my dear friend Penny Sari who have sent such a nice letter to me in order to exchange for some of my handpainted letters previous shown here :)

Thank you Penny it's such a pleasure! :)

And here is a nice letter from a man that I haven't heard for - nowhere so I am totally surprised about sending the letters to me - first with such nice stamps and second with nice un-used Berlin postcards.. such a nice thought dear Konrad :)

Thank you!


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