Entries #92 & 93 - Chain Stamp Exchanges 65a and 65b - reverse chains

Saturday, January 28, 2012

These two chains arrived separately from Hai Huang (China) and Sameer Agarwal (India) on 13.10.2010 and 25.11.2010. - starter was Mike Peters from Netherlands. The idea for this chain
came from it's starter in order to see which chain would travel faster than other and to see what is going to be exchanged in them. Of course both chains have been stuck with my address - as Sameer's have been traveling to him and was returned, so I needed to send it to next in chain and for other I've been waiting to get more Montenegrin stamps for exchange.

I loved both of them. One was about 100 commemoratives and other was with 150 definitives involved for exchange.


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