Entry #68 15.06.2010. - Italy

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yeah it's a third in a row!!!

Have I got a fan in post office? :)
Maybe my post officer is collecting my envelopes and deliver them all together
in a row, or mail sent to me is somehow connected within minds of senders.. :)
Ok I don't want to make a Twilight zone of my deliveries
but I know that my professor always have another lesson for me :)

This time it is a postcard of Cima Grappa mt.1778 the famous 'rest-place' of rich people (I've
heard a first time for it, I guess I ain't that much rich :) with beautiful stamp of 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and Bulgaria :) ( I hope I've spelled this nice)

Thanks again my dear professor Danilo!


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