Entry #67 15.06.2010. - Macedonia

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

At last Macedonian cover have reached my mailbox safe and in good condition!

I am still awaiting one previously sent but I don't know why all Ex-Yugoslav post offices (except Croatian) have that lack of 'saving the travel-time' problem?
Some of Serbian covers never reached me - even my post office have lost one cover that have traveled from me to second town on northwest side of country.

I hope that will change and that I'll enjoy safely sent and received letters :)

Thank you Ana :)


Ana said...

You are more than welcome :)

Funny, but ive concluded that when sending from Macedonia to the rest of the ex-yu countries, my mail reaches fastest in Slovenia and BiH...slowest unfortunately is Montenegro even though it makes no real sense having in mind its vicinity compared to Slovenia for example...i do hope it will all change too :)

Veliki pozdrav s juga :)

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