Entry #73 Malaysia - 28.06.2010.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And just as I've thought that you can't get two different packages from the same man in one day,
I've realized that I was wrong :)

This time it took my breath of non-dreaming that I could get a mint FDC of Malaysian festivals
from 2006. and 3 mint stamps that go with it ;) all along with 3 non used postcards.. well..
I am a little bit ashamed with all of this attention dear friend :)

I hope my response will be at least dignified :)

Thank you for being here!
Thank you for delivering 4000 visitors in non-a-year time
(reminding you that this blog was created in November 2009.)
and I am so happy to have you all around.

I'll try to make this blog even more interesting for you as I know that you deserve it!


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